Residential Service

North Shore Waste offers residential service in Grand Marais and the surrounding area. This service is for municipal solid waste (MSW) only and we ask that you do not put any toxic or hazardous materials in with your weekly pickup.

Residential service is picked up on a weekly basis and is good for up to two thirty-gallon trash cans. We do understand that some week’s household produce more than other weeks so we ask that you try to keep an average of 60 gallons of MSW a week. Extra charges will be added to customers with excessive amounts of garbage weekly.

Below you will find a list of some of the items that are unacceptable. This is not a complete list, please contact us if you have questions regarding the acceptance of an item.

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Unacceptable Materials:

Paint & paint products
Rechargeable batteries
Automotive fluids & filters
Cleaners & degreasers

Large or bulky items
E-Waste (TV, VCR, DVD)
Fireplace ashes
Recyclable materials

Weed killers & pesticides
Fluorescent bulbs
Animal carcass
Human waste

HHW Materials